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why did it end???

Thursday, September 7th:
Cherish comes into Sasha's hospital room to tell him something important. but Gretel shows up with Jimmy. Cherish and Gretel wait outside while Jimmy and Sasha discuss Olympus Records-- they are holding him to his contract and are determined to make him a pop star. Gretel is aware she interrupted something important and confesses she?s known for a while about Cherish?s feelings for Sasha. She tells Cherish that she thinks Sasha feels the same way about him. When Jimmy and Gretel leave, Cherish comes back in and works up the nerve to tell Sasha she loves him. Ivan gets a call from Francisco, who's back in town. Ivan goes over, still believing that Francisco is ?Buddy.? He thanks a puzzled Francisco for all the support he's given him. Francisco doesn't see where this is heading until Ivan says he's so happy his first gay experience will be with Francisco. Francisco is shocked that Ivan is gay. Meanwhile, Dmitri, Cecil and Merna corner Natalia back at the house. They confront her about her stay at the sanitarium and her Moby CD in Boris? Mercedes. They know she was with Boris that night. Dmitri says he knows she feels it was justified; she should cop an insanity plea. She angrily insists she didn?t kill anyone. Merna and Cecil leave and Dmitri tells Natalia there's no use denying it. She and Boris went to see Whitmore that night because Whitmore wanted to come clean about the Sasha secret Boris forced him to keep. Dmitri thinks he knows what happened-- Natalia discovered Mrs. Carlisle's affair with Whitmore and knew that Sasha was not Boris's son, so he sent her to a sanitarium. Natalia can't believe Dmitri actually sympathizes with her ordeal, but then her paranoia returns and she starts to freak out, hallucinating Boris, who taunts her about her shameful behavior. Natalia insists that all she did was try to love her son. Dmitri is stunned-- Sasha isn't the product of Mr. Whitmore's affair with Mrs. Carlisle? NATALIA IS REALLY SASHA'S MOTHER???!

Friday, September 8th:
Lyle returns to the hideaway apartment, where a drugged-up Julie berates him about the crappy crystal meth he left her. Lyle realizes she is too psycho to reveal to her that her father has died. Sasha is stunned to hear Cherish confess that she's in love with him. He apologizes for leading her on and says that he isn't ready to be with anyone so soon after Taylor. Cherish is crushed and flees, embarrassed. Sasha feels awful. At Francisco's, Ivan still thinks Francisco is Buddy, but Francisco makes it clear that he is not bi-curious, has never "chatted" with Ivan, and definitely did not send him the photo. Francisco does own a copy of it, though-- it's a snapshot of him with Natalia. Devastated and humiliated, Ivan goes to Natalia's office and logs onto her computer. One of her screen names is "Buddy-Love". Ivan furiously vows revenge. At the mansion, Dmitri is shocked that Natalia has admitted she's Sasha's mother. Natalia denies it, then accuses him of tricking her... she thought he already found out somehow. She is tormented with Boris hallucinations and freaks out. Dmitri starts to phone the police, but she snaps out of it, vehemently denying she had anything to do with Boris' death. She tells Dmitri about the night of the bachelor party when Boris picked her up at the seamstress's. Boris told her that he had heard from Mr. Whitmore, who wanted to come clean to Sasha. Boris and Natalia went over to bully Whitmore into keeping his mouth shut. On the way back, Boris and Natalia fought. He called her a slut and blamed her for Mrs. Carlisle's departure. When Boris answered a cell phone call from someone he was due to meet, Natalia grabbed the steering wheel Club lock and contemplated bashing his brains out. But she couldn't do it. Dmitri asks what happened to the Club. Natalia doesn?t know and tells him to ask the woman Boris met later that night. Dmitri isn't buying her story. Jeff stops by and tells Dmitri he has proof there was somebody else in that car that night. He pulls out a pair of sexy panties Natalia's mechanic found wedged deep behind the back seat. His lab matched Boris's DNA with stains on the panties. Dmitri says the panties could have been in the car for weeks before the murder. Or, Natalia says, Boris could've had sex with his mystery date that night?the woman who killed him!
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